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Fire Departments: Cutting Costs as Cleanly as Possible

In our focus on the fire department market in recent years, we have come to find some surprising patterns in the way that fire departments procure their facility care products.  When we consult schools, healthcare, and many other institutional facilities we find that they generally tend to purchase institutional-grade products in an efficient manner.  However, our recent focus on fire and rescue facilities has found that these often-24-hour manned facilities buy their cleaning and maintenance products the same way traditional consumers do for their households.  Ready-to-use retail quality p

Flu Season is Here; the Most Unhappy Time of Year. Sanitize and Disinfect for Prevention!

Guess what time it is?! Flu season! And this year, the cold and flu season is off to a strong and early start.  So far, the CDC estimates that this season’s flu outbreak will be up to five times more widespread than the 2011 strain.  And, while the season started early, it has yet to peak.  So far, nearly every state and province in North America has moderate to high flu activity.

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