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Your Questions on Glycol Answered

It may only be the end of September, but if you have heating or cooling loops, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing them.  One of the most common precautions taken in colder climates is the adding glycol to the system.  We wanted to get the scoop on what glycol is, why it works, and what else we can do to ensure our water treatment systems are properly protected when the cold weather starts to descend upon us.  So, we went to State Chemical Solution’s Water Treatment Business Development Manager, Scott Bauman for answers.

When Drain Openers Aren't the Solution

Preventive Drain Care with Tammy Westerman

When your facility has drains, there’s often a dilemma of whether to treat preventively or wait until there’s a problem and then react.  To learn more about when it’s appropriate to utilize a preventive drain care program, we asked State Chemical’s Senior Vice President of Research & Development and resident drain care expert, Tammy Westerman some common questions about preventive drain maintenance.

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