Customer Testimonials

It can be a challenge of a hotel's housekeeping staff to keep guestrooms clean and odor free, especially if smoking is allowed in the rooms. But Kim B. has a secret weapon. "It's called Foam ForceTM," she says. "We have been using it for nearly two years, and it is just terrific." She says that all she has to do is spray it on the carpet. "You don't have to vacuum and it works almost instantly."

Kim B. Hotel Manager in New Hampshire

"The perception is that if a hotel room doesn't smell good, then it isn't clean. The sense of smell is part of the customer's first impression. Fragrance Paks in the hallways and restrooms are extremely successful. There has been a 10% increase in customer satisfaction in terms of room odor and cleanliness since using Fragrance Factory systems."

Dolores P. Hotel General Manager

"I use Pile Driver® on a regular basis to take stains out in between shampooing. It has literally saved us from having to replace a lot of carpets," he says. "Pile Driver® saved our 11-year-old carpet!"

"A decent carpet maintenance plan," using the carpet extraction machine and other State carpet care products keep carpets looking like new in this 40-unit apartment completx, according to Tim.

"Pile Driver® has really extended the life of the carpets," he says.


Tim M. Maintenance Superintendant, Apartment Complex in New York

"We work with corrosive materials, which start to break down parts over time. PEN® has been great in removing rust and keeping the machines well lubricated. It works better than any other penetrating oil I've used. Some of these machines are buried in mud. The parts become all rusted together. PEN® has the ability to penetrate all that build up and loosen the parts, so I can restore, repair, and re-assemble the tractors. It has definitely saved me time in disassembling pieces. It's a great product."

Dan H. Shop Foreman, Contruction & Maintenance in California