Green Cleaning and Sanitation

State Chemical Solutions has combined resources and technology to create green, sustainable products, programs and services in the following housekeeping cleaners and maintenance products categories: green cleaning and sanitation, green maintenance, green floor care, and green hand care.  

Green Cleaning

Many of State’s Ecolution® products are super concentrated and used with the One Solution™ chemical management system to dispense ready-to-use cleaning and sanitation products for all facility areas and types.

  • Ecolution Pro All Purpose Cleaner
  • Ecolution Pro Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner
  • Ecolution Pro Glass Cleaner
  • Ecolution Odor Remover – Crisp Linen
  • Ecolution Disinfectant

Green Floor Care

Keep your floors and carpets in peak condition with Ecolution® floor care products. These contain no/low odors and minimal amounts of VOCs, so whether you are stripping and finishing a floor, carpet extracting, or auto scrubbing, indoor air quality is preserved and floors and carpet are properly maintained.

  • Ecolution Neutral Floor Cleaner
  • Ecolution Bio Floor Cleaner
  • Ecolution Carpet Cleaner
  • Ecolution High Solids Floor Finish
  • Ecolution Floor Stripper

Green Maintenance

Green is much more than just general cleaners. State’s Ecolution® line includes maintenance products that create solutions and further green your operations.

  • Ecolution Pro Cleaner Degreaser
  • Ecolution Car and Truck Wash
  • Ecolution Coil Cleaner
  • Ecolution Grease Trap Maintainer
  • New Era Parts Washing Solvent

Green Hand Care

The Ecolution® line has both a green certified institutional hand cleaner and an industrial hand cleaner that offers safety, sustainability, and effectiveness in your facility.

  • Ecolution Industrial Hand Soap
  • Ecolution Foaming Institutional Hand Cleaner

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